Patient Testimonials

“Thank you Dr Rutner for your excellent, excellent care, you pulled my wisdom tooth with such ease. Your the best!!! Your staff was so professional, courteous and friendly. Thanks again!!!” 

“Dr. Rutner and staff made me feel comfortable and were very fast. Their office is clean and Mary was awesome at easing my fears! I will be back in the future! Thanks for great service!” 

“I highly recommend to anyone looking for a professional, caring, personable and knowledgeable…Dr. Cordoso is the best. I have severe anxiety with surgical procedures and Dr. Cordoso along with his staff were comforting and the entire procedure was surprisingly painless! Thank you Dr. Cordoso and staff for helping me in my time of need.” 

“Took care of all my kids wisdom teeth and baby teeth extractions. Would highly recommend him.”

“I can’t recommend this place more! Dr Cardoso and his assistant Jin were wonderful. They made sure I was Informed every step of the way and we’re gentle. They really made an unpleasant experience as positive as it could have been!” 

“Dr. Rutner is a very talented man I had a sliding genioplasty done my whole face is very well balanced now he is much more than your average Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon he offers procedures many other oral surgeons do not highly recommended!” 

“After seeing two specialists who decided my needs for Endodontic surgery, I went to Dr, Rutner for consultant. Dr. Rutner successfully diagnosed my problem and treated it with a medicated mouth wash. The least I can say about Dr. Rutner that he has saved me from the unnecessary pain and cost of unneeded operation and medications.
Dr Torin Rutner is very knowledgable, professional, and friendly. His staff are very courteous , helpful, and friendly.” 

“Dr. Rutner and his staff are amazing! 2yrs ago I had a traumatic experience with another oral surgeon! He caused me so much pain and damaged the tooth next to it. I was terrified after going to that butcher to ever have oral surgery again! This month unfortunatley, I had a painful root canal and crown failure by a dentist and root canal specialist that left me in debilitating pain! I was suffering and trying to save the tooth it was expensive and a rip off! Dentist and root canal specialist was not helping. The pain was unbearable! I called a friend crying of pain! She pleaded with me to call Dr. Rutner that he is wonderful and did an terrific job on her implants.I called Dr. Rutner at 6am in agony on his emergency line and he answered right away. Told him my situation and the pain I was in. He told me to come to his office soon as they opened. His staff was very comforting and took xrays right away. Dr. Rutner showed and explained the infected area and we both knew my tooth needed to come out! I don’t do well with anestsia, I vomit for hours from it. He offered to do it awake. The process was so fast and painless! He extracted my tooth with ease and also did a bone graft. His entire staff comforted me during the entire process. His assistant, a blonde woman with short curly hair was very informative really guided me through my anxiety. I was shocked to how painless and easy the extraction was, compared to that butcher of an oral surgeon I went to 2yrs prior! It’s been 3 days after extraction/ bone graft and pain is gone, a little swollen but just taking advil. I am even back to work! Thank you Dr. Rutner you are the best Oral Surgeon in NJ/NYC!!!! Looking forward to my implant and finally be able to bite down on my left side after years of suffering.” 

“Excellent doctor & staff!! Dr Rutner took care of me when I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. The procedure was quick and without any complications. I would highly recommend his office to family and friends.” 

“There are no words to express our gratitude for Dr Rutner. After my son suffered a traumatic tongue injury he turned his car around and drove 45 minutes back to his office to open it up and stitch him up. He had never met us before and he went above and beyond. On top of all of that his bedside manner with my frightened 5 year old (and a very terrified mommy) was more than I could have asked for. Finally I have to say… his office is immaculately clean and his sutures were beautiful!” 

“As good an experience as you can have getting a tooth extracted. Most impressive: Afterwards, there was almost no pain or discomfort. Didn’t need the oxy-whatever prescribed just in case, got by on ibuprofin, and I have a low tolerance for pain. Not that it matters medically, but the office is very nice.” 

“Dr. Rutner was very kind and professional. I would recommend him to anyone”